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Full Recovery Inc. specializes in producing permanent, positive behavioral changes in recovering alcoholics and addicts. Our exclusive “Full Recovery”  program is the new paradigm for achieving a successful life in recovery.  Our diverse team of  Psychiatrists, MD’s, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC), NJ Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC), Registered Nurses (RN)  Certificated NJ Education Professionals (M.ED), Master of Social Work, (MSW), Master of Business (MBA),  holistic service providers and certified Full Recovery counselors  is led by best-selling recovery author and activist Brian McAlister.   Our outstanding staff each averages over 25 years in recovery time, bringing unique skills from a variety of disciplines.  Each staff member offers a unique perspective on the disease of and it’s ramifications. Our highly qualified staff offers innovative solutions for building self-esteem, spirituality and sobriety through education, motivation and dedication. We produce life changing results in the clients we serve.


Brian McAlister – President and CEO

Sober date: August 2, 1990.

Brian’s commitment to helping others recover from addiction and reach their full potential is his life’s mission.  From a low-bottom unemployed alcoholic and addict to leading a workforce of 1,800 people producing nearly half a billion dollars in annual sales is just a small part of Brian McAlister’s journey.  Husband, father, entrepreneur, best-selling recovery author and coach, Brian subscribes to the spiritual axiom that with God all things are possible.  He maintains an active role in the recovery community through his workshops and as a sought-after motivational speaker on the subject. These accomplishments are an example of the miracles that have taken place in Brian’s life. Miracles he believes can be taught, learned, and duplicated.


Steve McAuley – Vice President & Partner

Following a successful career as a Wall Street trader, Steve took on the biggest challenge of his life; he got StevePhotosober.  To the casual observer Steve McAuley was incredibly successful.  He enjoyed a 24 year Wall Street career, a beautiful family and material comforts.  Entertaining, partying, sporting events; were part of the lifestyle, but addiction is no respecter of socioeconomic status.  Slowly addiction began to take over Steve’s life.  Finally he hit a personal bottom and was forced to confront his substance abuse.  Steve’s sobriety led him down the pathway to a new vision of success as an executive sober coach and rehab/detox MHA.  With the newfound freedom Steve has found in sobriety, he has rediscovered the joy of living. His passion for excellence along with his business experience gives him the insight needed to connect with today’s business leaders who find themselves struggling with substance abuse.  He understands the process required to trade addiction for inspiration and transform liabilities into assets.


Rory McAlister – CMO & Partner

Today’s substance abuse epidemic won’t be solved by doing more of what hasn’t worked in the past. The Full Recovery proprietary program of action provides fresh solutions to meet today’s challenges. Rory is currently developing innovative marketing campaigns to bring the Full Recovery Wellness Center into the consciousness of both the substance abuse industry and to those who are looking for holistic alternatives to traditional treatment options.   Rory is an extremely well-versed marketing professional, with experience that spans print, digital, digital OOH, experiential marketing, social media and a wide array of innovative non-traditional media platforms.  Rory’s years of experience at Adweek, The Wall Street Journal and several other successful media outlets provides him the skills  that allow the Full Recovery Wellness Center to bring effective recovery treatment to the masses in need. Rory holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in field of Corporate Communications from Elon University, NC.



Deborah Kourgelis – Clinical Director


Deb has been in the field since 2001, bringing personal and clinical experience to the world of addiction.  She received her Master of Social Work  (MSW) degree from Fordham University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Deb specializes in grief, loss, and trauma, and believes in “being where the client is at.”  There is not a “one size fits all” for people on the journey through recovery; working as a team, including the client, their family and our staff, is ideal for developing the best individualized treatment plan.  Deb’s warm, calm demeanor encourages an “open door policy” where she is willing to listen to concerns from clients, families, and staff, welcoming their feedback.



Holistic Nurse, Louise Umberto, RN

–  HN-BC, RN-BC, Consulting Hypnotist, Meditation Specialist,  Healing Touch Practitioner

Louise Umberto is a compassionate healer.  Her credentials as a HN-BC, RN-BC Holistic Nurse don’t begin to scratch the surface.  Louise is a teacher and practitioner of energy therapies such as healing touch as well as Full Recovery’s Consulting Hypnotist and Meditation Specialist.  Louise combines spiritual principles with medical skills and holistic practices to help transition clients into a new productive life in recovery.



Operations Coordinator, William K. Weiss

Bill W – BA, CADC Intern

At Full Recovery Wellness Center, we believe that the miracle of recovery can be taught, learned and duplicated; which makes us especially proud to have  Mr. Weiss serving as our Operations Coordinator.   Affectionately ,known as “Bill W,” he was one of Full Recovery’s earliest clients.  Since transforming his life through his own recovery, Bill has decided to give back to program that helped him by assisting others achieve the same success.   Bill is currently working towards his certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  As a successful graduate of the Full Recovery program Bill is uniquely qualified to share his experience, strength and hope with current clients who are working through the challenges that come with early recovery.



Rachel Korenblit – Program Therapist

 – LSW

With Substance Treatment, Mental Health, and Trauma representing her areas of expertise, Rachel endeavors to address the whole client with her client-centered approach to serving individuals striving for recovery. Graduating Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and receiving her certification in Trauma Studies and Treatment at Adelphi University, Rachel continues to immerse herself in her further understanding of the human mind, body and spirit. She is currently earning her certification in Modern Psychoanalysis at ACAP. In addition to her love for her work as a clinician, Rachel has a passion for teaching psychology to students entering the field and is an Adjunct Professor at William Paterson University. She works to empower the individuals she works with to become active partners in their own care.



Cindy Gelber – Program Therapist


Cindy is an LCSW and has been working in the field of social work for 20 years. In addition to her private practice of 10 years, Cindy has been a part of the Full Recovery Wellness Center’s team since 2016. She has been specializing in the treatment of substance abuse and mental health in a variety of milieu settings, including individual, group and family therapy. Furthermore, Cindy has spent most of her years in the field working with multidisciplinary teams in Intensive Outpatient programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs.

She uses an integrative approach that includes but is not limited to CBT therapy, EMDR, 12 step program and EFT. Cindy tailors her approach to the client’s need and draws upon years of training in the field.

Most recently, Cindy has been leading one of our weekly first responders meetings and has been using EMDR in individual sessions with co-occurring clients who have a history of both substance abuse and PTSD.


Jenna DiTommaso –  Addiction Clinician & Administrative Assistant

 – BA, CADC Intern

Jenna graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology including minors in Substance Use Disorders and Criminology. She participated in multiple psychological research projects and was a member of various honor societies. Jenna is constantly seeking opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge of the addiction and counseling fields helping her become a better clinician each day.



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