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Full Recovery is Where First Responders Come First

Our main goal is to help First Responders get back on track.  We want to make sure they keep their careers, avoid legal problems and maintain the valuable relationships in their lives.   We pride ourselves on providing a safe space for healing.

First Responders seeking treatment are often hesitant to address personal substance use problems due to social stigma, job security or identification with known offenders.

Full Recovery has structured a program that provides the customizable, discrete services required to meet individual needs, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

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Virtual and In-Person Options

The importance of developing new empowering habits in early recovery cannot be overstated. That’s why Full Recovery offers options that make it easy to attend meetings.  Outpatient and  Intensive Outpatient sessions are available to meet the needs of our clients virtually and in-person for both group and individual sessions. Virtual meetings are held over Zoom and are encrypted to meet HIPAA privacy requirements. Virtual meetings are a convenient way to attend Full Recovery for people with a busy schedule or are too far to drive to to Full Recovery. In-person meeting take place at The Full Recovery Wellness Center, 87 Fairfield Road Fairfield, New Jersey.

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Group Classes and One-On One

We offer our group sessions with peer appropriate group members. Confidentiality and peer appropriate group members encourages open discussion and  with other individuals who may have experienced many of the same issues. Group sessions reduce the feeling of isolation common in early recovery.  Camaraderie, fellowship, and learning to laugh again are important side effects of group sessions. The Badge of Honor program is limited to First Responders only.

Full Recovery also offers individual in-person and virtual clinical appointments for clients requiring an extra level of  privacy. Whether in a group or a One on One session, we meet your needs.

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Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma Counseling

Its estimated that up to 40% of Americans will experience Post Traumatic Stress at some time in their life and the number increases for first responders. Anxiety, Stress, and trauma is an unavoidable bi-product of being a First Responder. Left untreated it can develop into PTSD.  Self medicating with alcohol and drugs is often a result of untreated PTSD.  Full Recovery clinicians are trained to recognize and treat trauma symptoms. Untreated PTSD can negatively impact relationships, career, financial and emotional wellbeing. Combining evidenced based clinical therapy, holistic stress management techniques and Freedom 365 virtual recover system helps lesson the effects of PTSD. Freedom 365 virtual recovery system provides substance use disorder and PTSD support wherever and whenever its needed 24/7.

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Family Counseling

Substance Use Disorder and PTSD impact entire family. The entire family  needs help.  In addition to working with First Responders we also provide substantial family support designed to help spouses and other family members of First Responders.  Our holistic services, as well as individual and group counseling for the family, offer solutions that can bring peace back into a chaotic family and home life situation.

Full Recovery provides family therapy and marriage counseling. Spouses, family members and loved ones are encouraged to take advantage of this important service.
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Holistic Services

Life can sometimes can be overwhelming.  Full Recovery Holistic Services teach self-care with regards to mental and emotional health. Stress management is a skill that can be developed. New habits of thought and action are an important part of recovery.   Hypnosis, energy therapies, meditation and  healing touch, are just a few of the stress management holistic services available to Full Recovery clients.


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