Full Recovery Wellness Center

Full Recovery Wellness Center is a New Jersey state licensed, C.A.R.F. Accredited, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Full Recovery specializes in treating Substance Use Disorder  and other Behavioral Health challenges.   We provide exclusive treatment groups for Law Enforcement, Medical Professional, and First Responder communities. We also offer quality Substance Use Disorder treatment to the general public.

Our services include Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, Trauma Recovery, Group and Individual Counseling, in addition to Family Counseling, and variety of holistic services. Our services are all offered virtually or in-person.

What is Full Recovery Treatment?

Full Recovery Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) programs use clinically proven, evidenced based methods for producing permanent, positive, behavioral changes in substance abusers. With daily and nightly treatment options, we can accommodate almost anyone’s busy schedule. The ground-breaking Full Recovery program offers the latest solutions for successful, sober living. Full Recovery integrates recovery principles and spiritual concepts with leadership, relationship, and career skills to guide individuals to a life of contribution and prosperity. Addiction is the plague of our modern time. Full Recovery clinicians deliver the solution.

Our Counselors and Clinicians

Unlike many people employed in the addiction and rehab field our counselors are a group of professionals with the experience to meet any situation.  Sobriety much like success in life is built one day at a time over an extended period.  Our team of experts help our clients design a personalized action plan for life. “Recovery is an exciting adventure not a chore to be endured.”    Whether you’re a new comer to sobriety, a 12 step old-timer, or just someone seeking fresh inspiration you can count on a Full Recovery Counselor to take your sobriety to the next level.   Our wide array of support services professionals include state licensed counselors, sober coaches, state licensed therapists, certified holistic healing professionals, personal trainers, business professionals, and more.

Common Questions

Why choose Full Recovery?

The Full Recovery program offers innovative personalized treatment solutions. We teach the skills needed to transition our clients into a sober life.  Our counselors take the guess-work out of the process.   The proprietary program of action developed by Full Recovery is unique in both its content and focus.

Who is a good candidate for Full Recovery treatment?

No one wants to be a substance abuser. First Responders who find themselves self-medicating with alcohol or prescription drugs are prime candidates for the Full Recovery Badge of Honor Program. On the Job Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can often lead to self medicating with drugs or alcohol. Full Recovery has the solution to living an addiction free. Our Badge of Honor Counselors understand the challenges facing todays law enforcement professional.  Whether on active duty or retired the Full Recovery Badge of Honor program is designed to help Law Enforcement personnel reach their full potential.  Addiction is a disease that crosses all socioeconomic boundaries.  Anyone requiring an added level of anonymity will value our personalized approach.  Others take advantage of our treatment options  to help them transition back into mainstream recovery after completing residential treatment. Anyone seeking long-term recovery from addiction as well as the ability to anchor themselves in a holistic program of personal development would benefit from the Full Recovery Program.

I‘ve been to rehab; why do I need an Intensive Out Patient Treatment program?

Full Recovery means a FULL, PROSPEROUS, ABUNDANT LIFE IN RECOVERY!  We partner with clients to create a personalized action plan to jump-start a new life in sobriety.  Over 80 % of people discharged from a traditional rehab relapse within 30 days and over 90% within 6 months. Full recovery is a program of action.  The ability to keep moving forward in recovery is paramount to long-term success.  We help you to maximize the return on your rehab investment of time and capital.  Our Full Recovery professionals know how to keep you focused and bridge the gap between treatment, 12 step programs, work and family.

How is Full Recovery different from a 12-Step program?

Many of our Full Recovery staff are members of a 12-step program. Full Recovery supports sponsorship and membership in a 12-step program. Your Full Recovery counselor is experienced in more than just getting and staying sober.  They are experts in the real-life relationship, career, financial, and emotional reasons that cause to people relapse.  They will provide you with the tools needed to guide you to a life of sobriety, prosperity and fulfillment whether you choose to be a member of a 12 step program or choose an alternative support group . At Full Recovery our services are designed to seamlessly blend with a 12-step lifestyle. Membership is encouraged but we also work with clients who do not wish to participate in a 12 step program. We do however believe that a spiritually grounded way of life is an important component in achieving long-term recovery and membership in a support group is a strongly suggested .  Our mission is simple; help our clients achieve a rich and rewarding life in recovery.

Why does Full Recovery produce such outstanding results?

We understand the challenges the substance user faces from a substance users perspective and know the solution.  Full Recovery counselors get substance abusers to buy-in because we’ve been there.  We treat everyone with respect.  We help people deal with the real-life issues that caused their problematic behaviors to begin with.  We uncover long-forgotten dreams and desires.  Our staff provides the personalized mentoring needed to achieve long-term success in recovery.  Through real-life examples and action plans, Full Recovery inspires clients to use challenges and adversity as sources of motivation to create a successful and meaningful life.  The Full Recovery system differs from all other rehabilitation programs.  We draw out long forgotten dreams and desires.  We just don’t show people “how” to avoid relapse, we give them the “why.” We make recovery FUN!  Full Recovery shows the client the rewards of a drug-free life style while providing the tools needed to reach their personal goals. We build on the individual’s talents and give practical instruction on turning dreams into reality.    Full Recovery produces measurable results.

Does Full Recovery have a program for spouses and family members?

Yes we do. At Full Recovery we understand that spouse and family of a substance abuser can be greatly affected by the  disease of addiction. It is important that the entire family be educated if long-term recovery and reconciliation is to be achieved.  Living with a substance abuser is chaotic at best.  Full Recovery offers programs designed to help spouses and family members rediscover their joy and peace.  We offer “stress-buster” holistic services, as well as individual and group coaching for the family. The Full Recovery Wellness Center has a menu of holistic services designed to relieve anxiety and stress.  Full Recovery Counselors have the experience to remove frustration, fear and anxiety from the recovery process.