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“The Full Recovery treatment program produces winners… When it comes to addiction, you can’t afford to lose.”

The Full Recovery Wellness Center is the new paradigm for successful sober living. Whether you are struggling to get clean and sober, a 12 step old timer, or a family member of a recovering alcoholic/addict, the Full Recovery Wellness Center offers the tools needed to succeed — in recovery and in life. Our dedicated and caring staff understand that addiction is a complex illness that has biological, genetic, psychological, social and developmental roots. Effective treatment must target this entire range of factors. Our highly qualified treatment team will address all factors and empower you to reach full potential. Our goal is simple: provide the tools that help people in recovery enjoy a rich and rewarding life.

What is the Full Recovery “Outpatient” and “Intensive Outpatient” Treatment Program?

Full Recovery Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) are some of the most effective methods for producing permanent, positive, behavioral changes in substance abusers. The Full Recovery program is the new paradigm for successful, sober living. Full Recovery integrates recovery principles and spiritual concepts with leadership, relationship, and career skills to guide individuals to a life of contribution and prosperity. Addiction is the plague of our modern time. Full Recovery Certified Addiction Specialists are the solution. We help recovering people unlock their creativity, design a personal action plan for life, create momentum and achieve measureable results.

Outpatient Services

Full Recovery Wellness Center offers a variety of services to empower you to reach full potential.. Our goal is simple; provide the tools that help people in recovery enjoy a rich and rewarding life.
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It is very difficult for me to express in words my gratitude for Full Recovery. We had exhausted all other avenues for my brothers treatment. They have instilled in my brother a reason for his existence and his treatment... Read more

Professional Staff

Our Team has over 100 years in addiction treatment experience; each team member bringing unique skills and perspective from a variety of diciplines. Our staff of therapists and coaches include...
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